Signs that You Hired a Bad Contractor

Signs that You Hired a Bad Contractor

Signs that You Hired a Bad Contractor

Whether you are an investor in real estate or a homeowner, you know the importance of working with a good contractor. In fact, the choice of a contractor can mean the difference between a successful and profitable construction project and a failed one. So, how do you know that you have a bad contractor? Here are signs to look for.


A bad contractor is always making excuses. A construction project will have issues at some points. But, a good contractor is proactive in smoothing out things before they worsen. A contractor that is unable to fix things will make excuses. This is a sign that you have a bad contractor working on your project.

Significantly Lower Prices

The lowest bid is not the best option in most home improvement and construction projects. Contractors whose bids are significantly lower tend to cut corners. For instance, they provide cheap materials and labor. Be careful on contractors that underbid competitors with dramatic margins. Reliable and professional contractors charge reasonable prices.

No Written Agreements

Be wary of a contractor that prefers verbal agreements. A good contractor is not hesitant about having a written contract. It’s possible that a contractor that doesn’t want to make a written agreement will not keep their word. Therefore, choose a contractor only if they make every agreement in writing.

Phone Communication Only

Avoid a contractor that only wants to communicate through phone calls. A contractor that doesn’t want to meet you to have a face-to-face discussion about your project is not a good contractor. Such a contractor will discuss anything that goes wrong in your project via the phone. This is not an effective way to communicate and resolve issues of a major project.

Unanswered Questions

A contractor that can’t answer your questions satisfactorily is not a good choice. That’s because this is a sign that they lack technical knowledge or experience. They are fake experts with valuable to offer. Therefore, go for a very meticulous contractor that understands your needs.

If you notice these signs, consider finding another contractor to ensure proper completion of your project.

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